Adult Class

Gingado Capoeira adult classes push students to test physical and psychological limits and master grace and balance, while strengthening the entire body. In addition to learning the fundamental of Capoeira we focus on functional fitness, self-defense, acrobatics, and mind-body connection.

Capoeira “play” is accompanied by music that sets the rhythm and style. Mestre Cafu incorporates traditional songs and instruments into each class and teaches about the origins of the instruments (Africa and Brazil), the legends that surround them and the meanings of the songs, often rooted in war, slavery and the history of Africans in Brazil.

The class starts with a full body warm up which includes strength training and conditioning.

Next, we move onto personalized instruction focusing on the foundational Capoeira movements such as the Ginga (flow movement), Esquiva (dodging/escape), different kicks and Aú (cartwheel). Then we work on sequences, putting all the movements together in a natural flow.

Lastly, we create a Roda (circle), play music and show what we've been practicing and how your Capoeira has improved.


Ages: 17-up

Level: Beginner-Intermediate


Monday, Wednesday


880 Hurlingame Ave.

Redwood City, CA 94063


Intro class is free

Drop-in: $20

Monthly: $120