About Gingado Capoeira


“ My mission is to make a change in the way that I have seen Capoeira being taught. I take the time to correct my students and push them in a positive way. I demand that my students take pride in the game that they play so that they will represent the group well. I believe in staying true to the roots that my ancestors fought for,”

— Mestre Cafu


  • Quality:
    Strive for excellence
  • Technique:
    Never sacrifice your technique
  • Loyalty:
    Stay true to the art and loyal to the group
  • Respect:
    Always respect yourself and others
  • Practice:
    Everyday, especially the basics


Individualized instruction
Our instructors are intentional about growing your individual Capoeira skills.

Grow at your own pace
Whether you’re new or a long-time Capoeirista, you’ll be able to take your Capoeira to the next level.

Focus on the fundamentals
We focus on the foundational Capoeira movements, so your technique is solid from the ground up.